De magiska cykelpumparna

Big sister and little brother find a bicycle pump which is able to suck in everything in front of it.   When  the air is pushed out again, completely different things appear. A little brother can be annoying, so he ends up in the pump. Then the adventure begins. A second bicycle pump plays a decisive role. This a  nonsensical story which  celebrates whims and fantasy. The pictures try to express spontaneity.

The book can be bought at various places, for example at Adlibris.


This book teaches kids about outer space. It addresses some deeper questions than is common in this kind of book. Why  is the night dark? Why do the sun and the stars shine? Why are the planets and the stars round? Metaphors are often used to explain such things.

The book is unfortunately sold out, but it can be found at many public libraries in Sweden. It is very well illustrated by Clara Lindegren. Her pictures add good mood and humour to the book, which may otherwise have been a bit  dry.

Here I present the picture book De magiska cykelpumparna (The magical bicycle pumps), and the educational book Rymden (Outer space). I also show a couple of pictures from the unpublished picture book Den lilla kaninen Granbarr (A small rabbit called Spruce needle).

Den lilla kaninen Granbarr

A story about a little rabbit called 'Spruce needle'. When he asks his parents what his name means and why he got it, he is just told to stay away from the forest. One night  he and his friends have an adventure in the forest beside the field where they live.

This book never got published, despite some interest from a couple of publishing houses. Looking at it again, I can understand why. My amateurishness as an illustrator shows since I was unable to uphold a consistent style and quality. If I ever try my luck again, I will have to  redraw some of the pictures.